UCP Wheels Liberty

Designed from UCP Wheels for Humanity’s 19 years of service in 70 nations, the UCP Liberty has all the intermediate positioning features that are standard in the high-end commercial market at an affordable price. The Liberty is adjustable, rugged, repairable and growable so that kids can be independent and happy for years. Common system requirements of the WHO compliant intermediate wheelchair service were built into the chair so that service can function effectively and efficiently.

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    • Country
    • Company
    • UCP Wheels for Humanity
    • Contact Information
    • kking@ucpwheels.org
    • Website URL
    • http://www.ucpwheels.org
    • Seat Depth
    • 6 to 16 Inches
    • Seat Width
    • 10 to 14 Inches
    • Frame Type
    • Rigid
    • Intended Users
    • Children, Children with Postural Support Needs
    • Rear Wheel Diameter
    • Rear Wheel Width
    • Rear Wheel Type
    • Pneumatic
    • Caster Wheel Diameter
    • Caster Wheel Width
    • Caster Wheel Type
    • Solid
    • Other Features
    • Padded seat and back, Adjustable back height, Side trunk supports, Tilting seating system, Reclining backrest, Adjustable seat depth, Abductor, Seat belt, Chest strap, Head support, Plastic tray table, Adjustable anti-thrust pad, Adjustable sacral pad, High durability, ISO
    • Weight
    • 40 to 50lbs
    • Assembly Requirements
    • Some assembly required
    • Wheel Base
    • 4 Wheel
    • Cushion
    • Standard Cushion
    • More Information
    • Made in 4 sizes using 1 adjustable frame and 4 seating system options
    • Context of Use
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • Terrain
    • Rough, Paved, Gravel, Grass
    • ISO-Tests
    • ANSI/RESNA Tests
    • WC-19 Testing
    • Manufacturer Tests
    • FDA Clearance
    • CE Certification
    • Features
  • Test Manufacturer stated testing Documentation
    FDA Clearance
    CE certification
    Manufacturer Stated Testing