Motivation Active Folding Chair

Motivation’s Active Folding Wheelchair is a size adjustable, active, four wheel wheelchair for semi-urban environments. It is distributed through a network of Motivation’s wheelchair service partners worldwide.

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    • Country
    • Company
    • Motivation Charitable Trust
    • Contact Information
    • Website URL
    • Seat Depth
    • 16 or 18 Inches
    • Seat Width
    • 14, 16, 17.3, or 18.9 Inches
    • Frame Type
    • Folding
    • Intended Users
    • Children, Adults, Older Adults, Older Adults with Postural Support Needs
    • Rear Wheel Diameter
    • 26 Inches
    • Rear Wheel Width
    • 1.375 Inches
    • Rear Wheel Type
    • Pneumatic
    • Caster Wheel Diameter
    • 6 Inches
    • Caster Wheel Width
    • Solid
    • Caster Wheel Type
    • Sling seat, Adjustable back height, Tension adjustable back, Adjustable seat depth, Calf strap
    • Other Features
    • Weight
    • 50 to 60lbs
    • Assembly Requirements
    • Assembly required
    • Wheel Base
    • 3 Wheel
    • Cushion
    • Pressure Relief Cushion
    • More Information
    • The active folding wheelchair is an active style wheelchair allowing either self or attendant propulsion. It has been designed to suit the terrain found in semi-urban areas of developing countries. It utilises two medium sized castor wheels at the front and two bicycle wheels at the rear to negotiate uneven ground, whilst providing good manoeuvrability in an urban environment. The chair has been designed so that parts are easy to replace or repair and uses common wheel and bearing sizes. The chairs are individually assembled and fitted to each user by trained assemblers & prescribers. The active folding wheelchair and its packaging are designed for easy disassembly for recycling or reuse. Every wheelchair is supplied with a contoured pressure relieving cushion. Each cushion has a cover. Source: Motivation. (2011). Product Summary.
    • Context of Use
    • Indoor/Outdoor
    • Terrain
    • Rough
    • ISO-Tests
    • ANSI/RESNA Tests
    • WC-19 Testing
    • Manufacturer Tests
    • FDA Clearance
    • CE Certification
    • Features
    • Quick release axle, Adjustable axle, Adjustable footrests
  • Test Manufacturer stated testing Documentation
    FDA Clearance
    CE certification
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