WhizKid Wheeled Postural Support System

The WhizKid Wheeled Postural Support System combines two great products to create the perfect mobility solution for disabled children (and adults) with postural support needs in low resourced settings. WhizKid attaches the D-Seat, designed by Diversability Development Organization (DDO), to Whirlwind’s acclaimed RoughRider® all-terrain wheelchair, making it easy for children to push themselves, or be pushed, over ground that would be difficult or impossible to traverse in a standard wheelchair. The design is consistent with the World Health Organization Guidelines on the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs in Less-Resourced Settings and perfectly complements the Wheelchair Service Training Packages. The complete WhizKid has been built on a modular format which enables creative customization.

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    • Country
    • Available Globally
    • Company
    • Whirlwind Wheelchair International and Diversability Development Organization
    • Contact Information
    • info@diversable.org
    • Website URL
    • http://diversable.org/index.php/the-whizkid-wheeled-postural-support-system-by-ddo-and-whirlwind/
    • Seat Depth
    • 10-16 Inches, 14-18 Inches, or 16-18 Inches
    • Seat Width
    • 12, 14, 16, or 18 Inches
    • Frame Type
    • Folding
    • Intended Users
    • Children with Postural Support Needs, Teenagers with Postural Support Needs, Adults with Postural Support Needs, and Older Adults with Postural Support Needs
    • Rear Wheel Diameter
    • 24 Inches
    • Rear Wheel Width
    • 1.75 Inches
    • Rear Wheel Type
    • Pneumatic
    • Caster Wheel Diameter
    • 4.5 Inches
    • Caster Wheel Width
    • 3 Inches
    • Caster Wheel Type
    • Solid
    • Other Features
    • Seating unit has been tested according to ISO 16840-3
    • Weight
    • 30kg
    • Assembly Requirements
    • The WhizKid is semi-assembled at the factory. Final assembly and adjustments are necessary at the service point.
    • Wheel Base
    • 4 Wheel
    • Cushion
    • Standard
    • More Information
    • A fully customizable seat cushion is provided as standard. The cushion can be customized by the trained service provider during fitting as to serve as a positioning cushion or pressure relief cushion or both.
    • Context of Use
    • Indoor/Outdoor, Institutional, and Evacuation
    • Terrain
    • Rough, Paved, Gravel, Beach and Grass
    • ISO-Tests
    • ISO 7176-8
    • ANSI/RESNA Tests
    • WC-19 Testing
    • Manufacturer Tests
    • FDA Clearance
    • CE Certification
    • Features
  • Test Manufacturer stated testing Documentation
    ISO ISO 7176-8
    FDA Clearance
    CE certification
    Manufacturer Stated Testing