D-Xjunior Active Foldable Wheelchair for Children

The D-Xjunior is an active four-wheel folding frame wheelchair designed for children in urban environment in low resourced settings. The D-Xjunior may appear to be a standard folding wheelchair but it comes with multiple added adjustments that are usually found only on high end expensive wheelchairs. D-Xjunior makes all the benefits of multiple adjustments available to users in low resourced settings with the added advantage of being very easy to transport due to its light weight, and foldability. The product versatility is further enhanced with the option of being supplied with 20" or 22" rear wheels. D-Xjunior is compliant with WHO Guidelines and Training.

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    • Diversability Development Organization
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    • info@diversable.org
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    • http://diversable.org/index.php/d-play-sports-wheelchairs-by-ddo/
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    • 20 or 22 inches
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