D-Combi Dedicated Supportive Seating System

The D-Combi is a fully adjustable versatile seating system designed for low-resourced settings. The seating system includes great features that are offered by the combination of the wheeled base with built in tilt-in-space feature (D–Base) and the full range of modular proven Postural Support Devices (PSD). The D-Combi serves both child and adult size users. The folding frame and removable rear wheels make the product easy to transport. The product versatility is further enhanced by the option of being supplied with interchangeable 24" rear wheels or 7" rear wheels to serve users who are able to self-propel and those who need caregiver assistance for mobility. D-Combi is compliant with WHO Guidelines and Training.

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    • Diversability Development Organization
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    • http://diversable.org/index.php/d-play-sports-wheelchairs-by-ddo/
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