D-Fitt Truly Universal Molded Pressure Relief Cushion

The D-Fitt cushion by DDO is a truly universal cushion that is fitted to size anywhere in the field to suit individual user’s needs and comes with a size adjusting elastic cover. The D-Fitt is effective, affordable, lightweight, and can be used on any slung seat wheelchair. The D-Fitt includes a deep contoured base, a specifically designed insert, deep gluteal contour at the back and unique features which enhance pressure management and positioning. An elastic cover follows deep contours and anatomically shaped features. The D-Fitt was tested to the PDAC Immersion test modified from ISO 16840-2. Testing by EC Service, an ISO Certified Test Laboratory under ISO17025:2005. Certified by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board. The Design is consistent with the World Health Organization guidelines on the provision of manual wheelchairs in less resourced settings and is serviceable thanks to the wheelchair service training packages. The D-Fitt is the only seat cushion on the market to be custom-sizeable. It is available in a standard size, to be easily modified for individual needs. The D-Fitt eliminates the need for strategic ordering with regards to sizing; the standard size is easily cut to fit any wheelchair of any size. The cushion cover is an adaptable elastic slip cover that wraps over any size of seat cushion, eliminating the need for premeasured cushion covers.

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