Moti Start Portable Supportive Seat

The Moti-Start Portable Supportive Seat is a pediatric, locally size adjustable supportive chair. It is intended for use by infants who need extra postural support. It comes semi-assembled and is easy to transport and has many features such as an adjustable tray and headrest, and a tilt-in-space seat. It has a plywood frame, with durable upholstery and adjustable postural support components, including eight daily adjustable tilt positions. The product is designed for use on the floor but can be placed on a higher surface if the surface is large and stable enough to be safe. The component parts are easy to replace, maintain, repair or customize.

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    • Risk of Skin Breakdown
    • Positioning Properties
    • Cushion Cover Types
    • Cushion Height
    • Cushion Width
    • 14 to 24 Inches
    • Cushion Depth
    • 16 to 27 Inches
    • Weight Capacity
    • Weight
    • 7.9Kg
    • Intended Users
    • Children with Postural Support Needs
    • Website
    • Contact Information
    • Country
    • Manufacturer
    • Motivation Charitable Trust
    • Features
    • Backrest Height Adjustable: 26-34.5cm
    • More Info
    • Contoured headrest with removable, washable cover.
  • Test Manufacturer stated testing Documentation
    FDA Clearance
    CE certification
    Manufacturer Stated Testing This product is ISO 9001 (2008-2013) and ISO 13845 (2008-2013) certified