About the Product List

The ISWP Seating and Mobility Product List aims to be a comprehensive catalog for wheelchairs used worldwide and products distributed in less-resourced settings have been listed currently. The portal aims to provide users and providers with information on various models from manufacturers from different continents including wheelchair features, availability in the area and information about product quality.
The Product List shows wheelchairs with their ratings and reviews as provided by users and providers. Products can be filtered as per criteria set in the filter pane. The filter pane sorts chairs as per different criteria such as context of wheelchair use, terrain, standards testing results, user type, ratings and chair frame type. It is anticipated that users and providers make use of these criteria to compare wheelchairs and make appropriate choices based on user needs.
ISWP aims at bettering the user experience on the Product List portal and hence, your suggestions and recommendations are welcome. Please visit our feedback page to send us your feedback.